Seeking Candidates for 2018 Board of Directors Election

In accordance with the Bylaws of Arrha Credit Union, the Board of Directors will be accepting nominations from its general membership for open board positions in the upcoming term. Arrha Credit Union’s Board of Directors is comprised of 11 member-volunteers responsible for developing and setting the credit union’s strategic direction. In 2018, five vacancies will be available for four, three year terms and one, one year term. The Committee will further evaluate all candidates to identify the best qualified nominees for director. The Nominating committee is looking for:
  • Executive Level Business Experience
  • Professional work experience in the areas of Financial Services, Governance, Information Technology, Financial Management, Community Leadership, and Marketing/Communications
  • A passion for the credit union movement
To be eligible for a position on the board, a person must:
  1. Be a primary member in good standing of Arrha Credit Union
  2. Be at least 18 years of age
  3. Have never been convicted of a crime involving dishonesty or breach of trust
  4. Not be serving as a paid member of the credit union staff
If you would like to be considered by the Nominating Committee, you are requested to submit a letter of intent, endorsed by an existing member, no later than March 2, 2018, to Nominating Committee Chairman, Todd Cieplinski, Attention Michael Ostrowski, Arrha Credit Union, 145 Industry Avenue, Springfield, MA 01104.