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Annual Meeting

Held Annual Meeting

In accordance with the Bylaws, Arrha Credit Union held its annual meeting on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 145 Industry Avenue, Springfield location. To ensure the safety of members and staff social distancing, temperature checks, face masks, and CDC cleanliness protocols were exercised. 

Don’t Let COVID-19 Infect You With Fraud


1. Fake “corona” insurance: Watch for fake health-insurance agents selling low- priced insurance to cover coronavirus “treatment.” Simply hang up on robocalls.

2. Cancelled health insurance: Beware of bogus calls warning you that your health insurance was “cancelled.” Most of these are attempts to steal your personal information.

Annual Meeting Cancelled

DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) and latest updates by Governor Baker, we are canceling our Annual Meeting.  We will provide an update and notification when we will hold our Annual Meeting in the future.  Thank you for your patience.

Question, please contact Amy Waddell at 413-205-2012 or

Financial Talk About Elder Abuse (Free Guide) with Michael S. Ostrowski on Bob Kester Show Rock102

Avoid Financial Elder Abuse - Free Guide: Arrha Credit Union is uniquely positioned to be an early detector of potential financial elder abuse.  We have provided specific financial elder abuse training to help detect fraud.  Unfortunately, scammers prey on the elderly.  We have saved our members hundreds of thousands of dollars against fraudulent behavior.  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently reported that “older adults ages 70 to 79 lost on average $45,300.  And when the older adult knew the suspect, the average loss was even larger–about $50,000.”  And “financial exploitation has been called ‘the crime of the 21st century’ with one study suggesting that older Americans lost at least $2.9 billion to financial exploitation in 2010 by scammers, including people they know and trust, as well as strangers.” Here is a free copy of...

Michael S. Ostrowski, President and CEO of Arrha Credit Union Teaches Financial Literacy At Pope Francis Preparatory School

Michael S. Ostrowski, President and CEO of Arrha Credit Union teaches financial literacy to high school students at Pope Francis Preparatory School in Springfield, Massachusetts.  



‘Tis the season for ‘open enrollment’ scams

Winter is coming, which means open enrollment season is here. With 2020 just around the corner, now’s the time to add or change your health coverage through Medicare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You have until December 7 (Medicare) or December 15 (ACA) to make any changes. As you compare your options, watch out for scams. Here are some tips to protect your wallet and your personal information this open enrollment season.